All examinations are screen-based consisting of MCQs and short notes. The duration of the final examination is 60 minutes. Students are kept informed of the date, and time well before the examination.
The grading system is as follows:
  • A grade of 90% (GPA-3.6) & above is rated as an “A” signifying an exceptional, clear, and creative grasp of the concepts of the course with a demonstrated superior ability to apply the acquired knowledge on the job. It also means that the student has actively participated in all the assigned activities and has completed the coursework/assignments on time demonstrating exceptional work, and therefore deemed as passed. Grading of 95% – GPA of 3.8 and above is rated as an “A+” grade, meaning the student has passed the course with distinction.
  • Apart from being certified by the State University of New York, a student securing a GPA of 3.8+ on a scale of 4.0 is conferred with the coveted “Appuji Gold Medallion of Merit,” an honor in recognition of a student’s merit.
  • A grade of “B” signifies a solid and required understanding of the major concepts of the course and the ability to apply those concepts. It also means that the student’s effort and participation have exceeded the minimal basic requirements for the course. All assignments are judged to be solid in content and completed on time. This is deemed to be the minimum criteria acceptable. Grading of 70% (GPA-2.8) up to 89% (GPA-3.56) is rated as a “B” grade, meaning the student has passed the course.
  • A grade of “C” signifies a below-average demonstration and application of the concepts of the course and/or inadequate preparation in-class activities. It may also indicate that assignments were not completed in a satisfactory or timely manner. Grades below 70% (GPA-2.8) are rated as “C” and are deemed to have failed.
  • However, the failed students are eligible to repeat the coursework without any additional fee, subject to prior approval of NEF-RIMSR. Such a provision to reappear for the examination is available twice.